Lawyers like to have many clients. However, dealing with so many different problems, lawyers sometimes fail to realize the impact that an issue has on a particular client. 

It is like going to the doctor and awaiting test results. You want your doctor to be as concerned about receiving your results as you are. If it is a Friday afternoon, you want your doctor to call you and let you know that s/he is on top of the issue even if there is nothing new to report before you head into the weekend.

It is the same with the law. Clients want to know that you are on top of their issue even when there is new nothing to report. Providing periodic updates will assure clients that you have not forgotten about their issue and will help to ease their anxiety.  And while it is up to you, you might want to provide these non-material updates on a non-billable basis. The goal is to maintain a long-term relationship, not to nickel and dime clients. So, remember that sometimes “no news” is still worthy of an update. Your clients will thank you.

Scott R. Bialecki

Scott Bialecki, a former FTC attorney and IP litigator, is the co-Chair of Sheridan Ross P.C.'s Litigation Group.